The Road to Recovery — My Way

About a week ago, I thought I would do something crazy. If you know you me you would just roll your eyes and say: “there she goes again.” You might seriously be rolling your eyes at me, even if you don’t know me, at my confession. I went ice skating.
Now, to some of you that’s no big deal, but for those of you who know what I went through a little less than 3 months ago you would have me tied up and locked away. I’ve ice skated now a total of maybe 10 times, my entire life, and for a 30 something year old woman who just had back surgery  you would probably say that’s certifiably nuts.

What if I fall? what if someone runs into me? what if what if what if? I have never felt better to be honest. Since I’ve been on the ice, I haven’t had the need to take a pain pill or even an anti inflammatory.

I wish I were a better writer to describe the feeling I have when I get on the ice. All I can think of is that I’m not in bed anymore. Ok, so I am going round and round in an ice rink, which is still a contained space, but I feel free. My muscles are being used again. My mind doesn’t have to think of anything other than “please don’t fall down” and it works for me. My music playing in my ears and me just gliding happy in circles. I’m going as far has having my very first ice skating lesson tomorrow. I’m going to learn how to skate backwards. I’m going to be like those hockey players who skate like the wind and who just as quickly stop and change direction, while of course telling myself “please don’t fall.” Wish me luck because I am truly looking forward to this new challenge.

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