Feel free to friend me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter. Watching my mother teach the violin and the piano while I was growing up, it only felt natural for me to want to do the same. While attending college and graduate school, I earned a full scholarship. One of my requirements was to instruct children.  During this time, I realized just how much I enjoyed teaching — and that I excelled at communicating with my students. Please review my testimonials for a greater sense of my teaching style, or schedule with me to observe a lesson with one of my students.

source link ALL AGES AND EXPERIENCE ARE WELCOME! I am passionate about my teaching. I want my students to feel good about themselves, while also feeling that they have accomplished something at every lesson. I am strict — but nurturing. If I had a motto it would read: I want to educate my students to the best of my ability, giving them the opportunity to major in violin in college and/or the ability to enjoy the violin for the rest of their lives.

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Buy Cheap Alprazolam Online Group picture after the December 15th, 2012 recital INTERESTED IN LESSONS FOR YOUR CHILD?

Order Xanax From Mexico Playing the violin is not just about coming to lessons and practicing at home — it’s about growing and developing as a person, nurturing your child and being your child’s practice partner.

go site I have a few guidelines listed below which are essential to your child’s growth.

  • Listening to assigned recordings.
  • Practicing, ideally, every day, but I’ll settle for 5 days a week.
  • Listening to other classical recordings.
  • One parent must be present at the lesson, always, being attentive to the teacher  (me) and taking notes. This is a very effective way of helping your child practice good habits and preventing bad ones. This will also help the parent be a better practice partner for his or her child. (If the student is over 13, the parent is welcome to just enjoy the lesson).
  • The quality of the student’s instrument must be taken seriously. The equipment can make his or her journey come with ease or make every step a struggle.
  • Please provide the best instrument you can afford for your child. A wooden bow with fresh hair is preferred and strings should be changed as needed. I can help you with every step!
  • Please do not buy any instruments without bringing them to me first (ie. don’t run to ebay or obscure websites!).

source link The above guidelines are intended  for two purposes — 1) to lay the foundation for an exceptional learning experience and 2) to help you identify your child’s level of interest, willingness, and commitment to learning or improving on the violin.