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“We consider ourselves very lucky to have found Diana when we moved here 2 years ago. Our daughter has taken lessons from Diana since that time and has improved tremendously as a violinist. Diana is an encouraging and challenging instructor, who brings out the best talent in her students but also keeps it fun. Our daughter’s confidence and enjoyment in playing have increased greatly, she has learned new techniques, and is building a consistent practice routine through Diana’s instruction and quality mentorship.”

-Jeff and Jessalyn (Washington, DC)

“Diana is extremely professional and dedicated to student development. Her enthusiasm and love of the violin is contagious. I am very pleased with the quality of instruction.”

— George (Fairfax, VA)

“Diana is so much more than a violin teacher.  She not only knows the violin,she knows each student and teaches to his or her strength.  The fact that she is a practicing musician is very important to us and provides a real inspiration.  Our daughter has grown in confidence, technique and musicianship in the 2 years she has been with Diana.  She is a mentor and friend to our daughter and we truly appreciate her guidance and expertise.”

— Kim (Burke, VA)

“My 6-year-old son, Nathan, has been Diana’s student for about a year. I am truly amazed to see him prosper under Diana’s instruction. I am a true believer of the Suzuki method but I think it only works with the right teacher.  The right instructor must have passion and teaching skills.  Diana not only has passion for the violin, she also is an active performer, which is great for Nathan to see. She is strict and demanding but in a caring way. She has so much love for her students. My son loves going to class. Thank you so very much for sharing your love of music with Nathan.”

— James (Annandale, VA)

“It has been a great experience learning the Violin from Diana. My daughter has improved drastically and has progressed much much more than ever before. The classes are detailed, and as per professional violinist performer standards. Not only does my daughter look forward to her class, she tries to prepare for her class so that she does not disappoint Diana. It is absolutely amazing how even though we go for just 30- 45 mins to each class,  Diana is so intutive and caring that she knows the child’s frame of mind. We absolutely love it.”

Sandy (Lorton, VA)

“I played the violin as a child but gave it up in my teens.  Now a dad, my children started taking music lessons.  I remembered how much I had enjoyed it as a child and realized how much I missed playing. Diana is a wonderful and supportive teacher. I enjoy my lessons. Between work and family, I couldn’t imagine how lessons would be able to fit. Diana has been very flexible and has been able to work with my schedule. Instead of just squeezing in the lesson, I look forward to it every week. Diana has made playing the violin a part of my life again.”

Robert (Arlington, VA)

“In my nearly two years of study with Diana, she has proven able to mix demanding very high standards of performance with humor and appropriately collegial interpersonal interaction to create an instructional environment that has achieved excellent results.  My capability to play well in a variety of environments and my confidence in performance is measurably better, and my enjoyment of making music has become correspondingly higher.  I was able to markedly exceed my own expectations and look forward to achieving even more under her tutelage.”

— Mark (Springfield, VA)

“When I first began my studies with Diana after moving to North Carolina, I was immediately motivated. Diana sharpened my technique and laid out a proper foundation for me to grow from. She gave me generous personal attention and made sure I was working to my full potential. Diana has always put her heart into each of her students, into every lesson. Diana helped me become a serious student, training me to successfully be admitted to the North Carolina School of the Arts high-school program. When I entered NCSA, I was fully prepared to handle the program’s intense demands. In addition to being a superb teacher and mentor, she is a virtuoso performer. Her highly regarded career as a soloist, chamber musician and orchestral player is admirable. Without her unwavering dedication to me as a student, I would not be the serious musician I am today.”

— Haley (University of South Carolina)

“Diana is truly a pleasure to work with. Not only is she a skilled teacher but she is an oustanding performer as well. Diana definitely helped take my playing to another level. By enforcing a solid technique and making learning fun, students can’t help but to see excellent results in their playing.”

— John (East Carolina University)

“Diana Sundsvold is the violin teacher of my two children (age 11 and age 7). Diana is a very experienced violin teacher. She’s very good with children. My children think Diana is funny and they love taking lessons from her. They also think of Diana as inspirational, because she plays violin beautifully. They wish they could play like their teacher one day! Thank you, Diana!”

— Jennifer (Centreville, VA)

“Diana is a very committed and enthusiastic violin teacher. Our girls were 2 ½ and 4 ½ when they started as her students and we have come to deeply appreciate her patience and talent in teaching such young ones. She is very capable of keeping my little ones focused during the lessons and imparting them the desire to practice during the week. Our girls absolutely love their lessons and the violin. Thanks to her encouragement and consistent efforts.”

— Melany (Vienna, VA)

“Diana has a tremendous capacity to increase the level of her students playing in a short amount of time. Because she is so hands-on and involved in what students are doing there is rarely a moment you are not getting something accomplished. You can always count on is Diana’s inspirational guidance and support.”

— Aaron (University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Winston-Salem, NC)

“Diana was my first violin teacher and I will always consider her as my teacher. My husband is in the Army which means we move approximately every three years. I’ve had a few different violin teachers over the years and i feel that no other violin teacher has had the pedagogical skills as Diana. When I have questions or concerns about my studies, Diana is just a phone call away. She is always there to answer any questions or help in any way. BEST TEACHER EVER!!”

— Erika (Cincinnati, OH)

“Our 4 year-old daughter was inspired by a documentary about classical violin that she insisted on watching repeatedly over several months. We met with some local teachers and settled on Diana, primarily because she got right to the music along with the requisite form and technique. Within 6 weeks our daughter played a version of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” in front of a recital audience. Now, a year later, our 5 year-old is playing Bach’s minuets in front of local recital audiences and has almost completed the first Suzuki instruction book. There is a combination of factors that have necessarily led to the success that we are all so proud of; the desire of the student, the direct interest and follow through of the parents, and of paramount importance the instructor’s ability not only as an excellent musician but also as a communicator and teacher of young children, and head-coach to the parents. Diana has surprised and delighted us with her instructional technique (she relates quite well to such a young child), her demand for consistent and proper form (discipline and focus can really be had! ), and her coaching of us parents so that we might better help our child practice throughout the week. We will stay with Diana for a long time, and we’re looking forward to the great results that continued practice and outstanding teaching can bring.”

— Wilson (Great Falls, VA)

“Diana started teaching my son three summers ago when he was nine years old.  He has been with two other teachers prior to this, and I can clearly see the difference she has made with his progress.  Dur to her constant inspiration and the way she connects with him, he is motivated to practice every single day and is now in the middle school orchestra as a first violinist.  He enjoys her instruction so much that he refuses to miss his lesson even when there is a schedule conflict with other school activities.”

— Geetha (Reston, VA)