Violin lessons during the time of pandemic

Hi, I’m Diana.  I am a concert violinist and violin teacher turned couch potato. I usually have a busy performing schedule in the DC Metro Area and if I’m not performing here, I’m traveling around the world playing in different theatres everyother day.  If I’m not performing somewhere, then you’ll find me teaching all day every day.

Wow, how times have change in just a blink of an eye.


We Play, You Dance.

We are classical and classically trained musicians. A Fulbright Scholar, a Berklee School of Music grad, a Master and a Doctor in Music. Each one of us has a story. A classical one. Interesting enough, what brings us together is Tango. Not Bach, Beethoven, or Mozart. Instead it’s Piazzolla, Moreno, Pugliese.


Contest Time: The Soul of Tango

I’ll be playing with the Pan American Symphony Orchestra (PASO) at the Kennedy Center on October 11th.  Joining the orchestra for this special performance are Carolina Zokalski and Diego Di Falco from Broadway’s Forever Tango.
If you want to win two free tickets to this concert and a CD autographed by me, here is what you need to do:


Patience Need Not Apply by Eloise Hellyer

Patience in the Oxford English Dictionary is defined as “the suffering or enduring (of pain, trouble or evil) with calmness and composure….forbearance under provocation of any kind.” The very word comes from the Latin word for suffering.


Beethoven’s Kreutzer Sonata

I’ve always wanted to perform Ludvig van Beethoven’s Kreutzer Sonata and I finally get the chance to do so this April. How did the pianist and I come up with the program? well, we decided that we wanted to do something fun, so of course, the first thing that popped in my head was the Kreutzer Sonata.